LushGro Beginner's Hydroponic Kit

LushGro Beginner's Hydroponic Kit

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LushGro Beginner's Hydroponic Kit comes with all abovementioned items in a compact growing trough for learn- ing. Ideal for hands-on learning of fundamental hydroponic concepts.

They come in 2 sizes: 4 hole kit and 6 hole kit. 

This hydroponisc hobby kit for beginners consist of 8 items:

    • One Nutrient Solution Tank
    • One Planting Board/Tank Lid (4-6 holes)
    • One Slab of Seed Germination Sponge
    • One Packet of LECA balls to support plants in the pot
    • One Packet of Hydro Pots (5-7 units)
    • One Packet of Sample Seeds
    • One Package LUSHGro-HYDRO Nutrient Solution A/B Formulation 250 ml set
    • One Sheet of Instruction Manual