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Indoor Hydroponic & Aquaponic Garden - Organic Garden- Succulent & Cacti Garden - Loving Microgreens - Seeds from Around the World - Pest Management 

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Welcome to the official LushGro's eStore! 

We are a home-grown plant nutrition & plant care company based in Singapore for over 30 years that has supplied agricultural solutions internationally, and are now reaching out to consumers in Singapore!

This eStore sells consumer-level quantities of our long-favoured nutrient formulations, NPK and other key products that would make your urban plant care a breeze. 

We cater to all types plant lovers ranging from organic, hydrponics, aquaponics and many many more! 


Excellent service. Definitely a place for me to get all my planting needs which my business requires. Thank you!

Cherie Chai

Lina is a very super responsive and responsible seller. Not only she is responsive, she even give guidance and advice on how to use. Lastly a responsible in delivery on time and properly pack. I truly recommend to anyone with no regards. Thank you Lina.


Shared tips on how to plant the seeds. High quality seeds. Will get more seeds in future.


The fertilizer; LushGro Hydro and LushGro Bloom is really good and ideal for my flowering plants. Will be coming back soon.

Sam Leong

Its really one stop shop for my mini garden ! Love it! <3


I am in love with their nutrients. Compared to many others I have tried, these nutrients are gold. They are worth the price and trust me, they work! 

Cheong, 2020

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