FAQs & Delivery

For Local or International Enquiry: 

  • Feel free to call or WhatsApp us at (+65) 9678 5297
  • Drop us an email at lushgro@gmail.com
  • Message us via Facebook or Instagram

We will reply you as soon as possible!

For Collaboration, Wholesale and Distribution Enquiries: 

E-mail us at: lushgro@gmail.com 

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Products

1. What the LUSHGro Series?

With over 15 years of research and development, HPC has developed a line of formulated nutrients, under

household names LUSHGro, EasiGro, SUPERGro and PROGro for all planting needs.

HPC’s nutrients have been used both individually and industrially all over the world, and are formulated with fertiliser-grade minerals which are safe for human consumption. LUSHGro nutrients includes specialised formulations for young plants, vegetables, flowers, fruits, ornamental plants, roots, tubers, grass, rice and more.

All products have been rigorously tested by HPC, and vouched for by their many users worldwide. For any and all plant nutrition requirements, use HPC Formulated Nutrients for best results!

2. Are your products safe for growing vegetables? 

Yes, they are very safe for growing vegetables for consumption as all products are formulated with >98% fertilizer grade minerals, and come with complete nutrition information and usable manuals.

LUSHGro nutrients have been used both individually and industrially all over the world, and are formulated with fertiliser-grade minerals, to cultivate healthy produce that are safe for human consumption.

3. What is the expiry on your nutrients? 

Our LushGro nutrients have 5 year self-life. You can store them in a dark cool place and use it over a period of time. 

4. Where are all your products made? 

All our products are formulated, produced and packed in Singapore. In order to preserve the quality of the product, we produce and pack our products weekly.

5. Why do some of the nutrients have a different tone of colour from my last purchase? 

As we use food colouring for identification purpose, colours can fade due to the exposure to sunlight. 

Local Delivery, International Shipping & Payment Methods 

1. Do you ship internationally? 

For non-commercial orders, we only ship our LUSHGro within Singapore due to government regulations.

For Malaysia orders: Self collection options are available for pickup at City Square Mall, JB. Please contact us at lushgro@gmail.com for more details.

2. What are the delivery options available for local orders? 

  • Self collection 
  • Home delivery is extra $ 8 (3-7 working days) and Express Delivery is $ 18 (1-3 working days). 
  • All deliveries are free above $ 150.
  • We also post out non liquid products using a tracked delivery as a preferred service for local orders. We also offer a cheaper, normal mail alternative for smaller parcels. Orders are dispatched daily.

3. When would we be able to pick up our orders? 

We will send as SMS/ email to confirm your order and discuss pickup date and time. Estimated delivery date is within 1-5 working days base on the order size. 

4. Do you accept iBanking / ATM / interbank transfers for Singapore/Malaysian orders / Cash on Pickup? 

Yes, we accept all of the above. Simply check out using the Bank Deposit method.

Please make the transfer out within 24 hours upon ordering and revert back to the confirmation email with the transaction number and details. 

For Malaysian orders, we accept bank transfers as well. Please contact us on hpc@singaporehydroponics.com for more details.

We accept cash for self pick up and delivery. Please indicate your mode of payment upon checkout.