The HPC eStore

Welcome to the official Hydroponics & Plant Care eStore! We are a home-grown plant nutrition company based in Singapore that has supplied agricultural solutions internationally, and are now reaching out to consumers in Singapore!

This eStore sells consumer-level quantities of our long-favoured nutrient formulations, and other key products that would make your plant care a breeze.

The History of our Products

All our products are developed using formulations produced by the founder of HPC, the late Dr Fazalur Rahman Mallick (PhD, Horticulture Biotechnology, Japan). He served as consultant horticulturist to many organisations, including Singapore's NParks and Botanical Gardens, and farms in Singapore, Malaysia (Cameron Highlands), Indonesia, India, Bulgaria, and Australia.

Several of the products sold by HPC come from Dr Mallick's proprietary research, and experience from consulting for commercial farms.

Over the years, we've built a following of serious hobbyists who've come to prefer our LUSHGro products for their reliability, consistency, and quality. As a family business, we now strive to maintain our quality, whilst offering low prices, to keep our products accessible for one of Singapore's fastest-growing hobbies.

Our Product Range

Formulated Nutrients

These are all our specially formulated products, produced in-house with our own formulae and trained staff. Our LUSHGro Formulated Nutrients are carefully made with precise standards with products from reliable suppliers - that's why we've been popular amongst farms and hobbyists since 1977!

Try the LUSHGro difference for yourself. All products developed specially for the tropical Singapore climate, and provide superior quality with very competitive pricing.

Straight Nutrients

Straight Nutrients refer to all the purified earth minerals extracted and refined from soil, sea and mineral deposits. HPC's Straight Nutrients are selectively sourced to ensure they are > 98% pure, high quality fertiliser-grade nutrients that are safe for plant growth without unwanted or harmful byproducts and for the users.

Note: Straight nutrients are recommended for more experienced users, as inappropriate use can easily harm your plant with overdosage. Ensure that you use gloves when handling the powders.

Growing Media

There are a wide variety of soils available for plants to grow in, that it is often easy to forget which is best for our plants. HPC Growing Media is specially chosen to be high-quality media from reliable suppliers across Asia for various plant requirements. 

Pots and Germination Media

Seedlings are best grown in germination media, which allow them to be easily transplanted into larger pots for hydroponic or soil planting.


This is one of our bestselling ranges, with key nutrients and solutions that are otherwise difficult to source in Singapore. All products are developed in-house by specialists and produced regularly to ensure fresh stock.

Insect Management 

We've all had to deal with insect infestations on our plants. The best way to handle it is to prevent them before its too late. Our products have been tested by us, and verified by customers, to help. 

Package Deals

We've found that some products just go together - many customers purchase them as a group as they tend to be used for similar purposes.

We've put them together, and thrown in a discount for you to enjoy!

Additional Notes on our products

Batch discounts are available under the 'Package Deals' range.

Products may be coloured to ease identification. All dyes are food-grade, and has no effect on the efficacy of the product.

Delivery and Pickup options available across Singapore.


Want a product not listed here, or wish to have delivery outside Singapore, or any questions about our products? Contact us at lushgro@gmail.com, or directly at (+65) 9678 5297.