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Perlite is a rock mined from the ground, heated to sterilise it and make it pop' and allow the particle to hold water inside the structure of the particle. No safety issues other than science dust - could make you cough. No harm if swallowed, no harm if in contact with it. Its sterilised dirt or rock - not synthetic. Safe, natural and non-harmful. It has the ability to absorb a great amount of moisture as a result.

For incubation, it gained lots of popularity over the last 10-15 years and is probably now the most used medium for incubation worldwide. It doesn't wick which is a good thing but releases it's moisture gradually over time as the result of warming - which is what we are after. It resists condensation occurring because it is effective in holding it's moisture in its cells - thus its great for guarding against mould growth. A good ratio of Perlite to water is 10:8.

Lightweight mineral rock with LOW moisture-holding capacity - ideal for leafy veggies, fruit vegetables like tomatoes, etc., growing bulbs, rooting of stem cuttings and a good additive for a hydroponic aggregate mix

✔️💯% imported high quality
✔️No pungent smell
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✔️Works well and is food safe

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