Ocean Solution - All Natural Complete Plant Nutrient Concentrate

Ocean Solution - All Natural Complete Plant Nutrient Concentrate

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Finally, a nutrient solution that is an alternative to toxic chemical fertilisers - in collaboration with  OceanSolution™ in Singapore.

OceanSolution™ 2-0-3 contains all 90 naturally occurring mineral elements! 

Growers of all kinds can now instantly deliver the perfect balance of nutrients to every plant. 

  • Improves plant health
  • Enhances flavour drastically
  • Boosts nutrition levels
  • Liquid for lightning-fast absorption
  • Concentrated - making it cost-efficient
  • 100% Organic using strict USA organic regulations
  • Restores depleted soils
  • No smell or colour
  • Great for soil or hydroponic growing
  • Tested by various US university's research with amazing results

Contents: 150ml concentrated (Makes 15L with dilution)

What is OceanSolution™ 2-0-3 ?

OceanSolution™ is an organic liquid nutrient plant food, for all types of plants. Deep-sea minerals are harvested sustainably, then processed, ionised, and concentrated to bring you a full mineral spectrum solution for all your plants’ needs. With added organically sourced potassium and nitrogen.

What are the benefits to my plants?

Your OceanSolution™ will provide plants with immediate nutrients and act as a bio-catalyst to revive and renew soil. Over time, your plants will be healthier, stronger and taste better, as the nutrients feed the plant to meet all its mineral needs, beyond what is found in soils fertilisers. Healthier plants will result in stronger pest resistance and vitality.

Suitable for edible plants, Microgreens, sprouting, wheatgrass, hydroponics and general landscaping. 

How to use OceanSolution™?

Dilute 1 part OceanSolution™ to 100 parts water (ie 10 ml OceanSolution™ to 1 litre water)

  • For general plant use, lightly spray leaves & soil every 6 days.
  • For Microgreens, add to water under CocoBeds once, after Day 3.
  • For hydroponic farming, add every 6 days to provide a boost in minerals
  • It can also be used as a pre-soak starter to hydroponic seeding, including Microgreens seeds

OMRI Listed® (Organic Materials Review Institute - USA) for organic use.

HALAL Certified & Green Plus Certified