Lettuce Baby Leaf (Lactuca Sativa) Seed Disc
Lettuce Baby Leaf (Lactuca Sativa) Seed Disc

Lettuce Baby Leaf (Lactuca Sativa) Seed Disc

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A beautiful mix of three lettuce varieties coming in light green and red colors. Can be grown to a baby leaf stage, making a pretty addition to salads, braising mixes, garnishes or to full maturity. Super easy and fast growing, ready for harvest as fast as in 35-50 days. Posses very fresh, crisp, juicy flavor. Seed disc is a simple alternative to anyone who struggles with sowing small seeds or just wants to do it in a simplier way. Growing in a seed disc, seeds also sprout at about the same time. It can  can be grown in pots, boxes, on windowsills or directly in the ground. Easy and fast growing, providing a great supply of essential vitamins & minerals. Good choice for beginners, as well as little gardeners. Seed disc is 23cm long 

How to grow lettuce from seed disc: choose a pot that is a little larger than the disc, then fill it up with the soil.Firm and level the surface and place the seed disc on the top. Cover the seed disc with a thin layer of compost/soil and water throughly. Place the pots in a warm, bright position. Keep the soil moist, but not wet to avoid the rot of the seeds/roots. Pot seedlings on as they grow, preferably giving them a liquid feed once a week. Once they are large enough to handle, transfer individual seedlings to smaller pots. Harvest can start when leaves reach 5-7cm tall.

Soil: light, loose, fertile soil with a pH of 6.3-6.8, preferably rich in organic matter.

Light: Full sun/partial shade;

Watering: regular to keep the soil moist (not wet);

Fertilizing: Highly recommended.

 Expiry Date: 2022

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